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Laxogenin Powder by Supplementor

Laxogenin: The Plant-Based Secret for Gaining Lean Mass

One of the most exciting steroidal compounds undergoing research and development is 5-alpha-hydroxy laxogenin (ie. laxogenin), a plant-based anabolic compound with tantalizing possibilities specifically for lean mass gains. Laxogenin is derived from plant steroidal saponins, which are natural molecules which show a wide range of...
reps and sets

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Reps and Sets for Your Goals

Are you just getting started on a new workout routine and have asked yourself what the difference is in a rep or a set? Are you unsure if whether you should do as many reps as possible until you’re exhausted, or focus on a “less is more” approach? “Reps” stands for repetition, and it’s the...
how do you know you're burning fat

How Do You Know You’re Burning Fat and Other Fat Loss FAQs Answered

How do you know you’re burning fat? That’s a question a lot of people new to the fitness world ask the most. There are plenty of ways to tell, but there are also a lot of variables involved. One day you may feel like you’re making progress, while the next day you feel “fatter” than when you started. First...
does vitamin b12 give you energy

Does Vitamin B12 Give You Energy? And 6 Other FAQ About B12

Athletes, children, and average adults all have one thing in common. Their bodies need vitamin B12. At every stage in life, your body needs vitamin B12. This vitamin performs a surprising number of different roles in your body. It helps with everything from nerve cell function to DNA synthesis and preventing health disease, to...
supplements for muscle growth

7 Supplements for Muscle Growth to Increase Your Size

“Have you been hitting the gym?” your friends will say to you.  Hearing this will give you a nice confidence boost. However, hitting the gym is not going to be enough to gain lean muscle and look your best.  According to a study conducted by Carlos Monteiro of the University of Sao Paolo, close to 60...
lifting heavy weights

8 Ways Lifting Heavy Weights Can Transform Your Life

Beginning a fitness journey can be a gamechanger for anyone. Too many people, though, are under the mistaken impression that cardio is all you need for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body.  It’s a common sight: people slaving away on cardio machines, never once even looking at the dumbells or squat rack. What gives?  Lifting...
Tianeptine Sodium

Tianeptine: A Nootropic In A League Of Its Own

Tianeptine was originally synthesized at the Servier Institute in France in the 1980’s while researchers were seeking novel mood-brightening drugs that promised to be more effective and safer than tricyclics. Tianeptine is now also considered to be an adaptogenic nootropic and antidepressant which is increasingly used clinically...
non gym workouts

6 Non-Gym Workouts to Do During Quarantine

6 Non-Gym Workouts to Do During Quarantine While a quarantine can keep your local gym closed, that doesn’t mean you can’t stay in shape. Here are non-gym workouts you can do during quarantine. The coronavirus has affected practically every facet of daily life. One part of many people’s lives that has...
weight lifting mistakes

9 Weight-Lifting Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners

9 Weight-Lifting Mistakes to Avoid for Beginners If you are adding weight-lifting to your workout routine, this guide can help you start on the right foot. Here are weight-lifting mistakes you should avoid. Lifting weights is one of the most beneficial forms of exercise the fitness world has to offer. It will increase your...
taking vitamins

12 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Vitamins

12 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Vitamins If used correctly, vitamins can be a reliable tool for getting into shape or solving health issues. Here are mistakes you should avoid when taking vitamins. Are you getting enough essential vitamins and minerals in your diet? Taking vitamins is vital to your health and survival,...
mental health exercise

10 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health

10 Ways Exercise Can Improve Your Mental Health Working out on a regular basis can just as health for your brain is it is for the rest of your body. Here are ways exercise can improve your mental health. Mental health is improved by exercise but is often overlooked in treating or coping with some of the most common disorders. Whether...
best cardio exercises

9 Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight

9 Best Cardio Exercises for Losing Weight If you are looking for ways to lose weight, you must re-think the kind of exercises you do at the gym. Here are the 9 best cardio exercises for losing weight. There’s no simple answer for how much cardio exercise you should get but when you’re trying to lose weight you...
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