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weight loss mistakes

12 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid for Dieters

12 Common Weight Loss Mistakes to Avoid for Dieters Part of achieving your weight loss goal is knowing what obstacles stand in the way of your progress. Here are weight loss mistakes dieters need to avoid. Weight loss can be a difficult journey.  It is an extremely personal experience that takes courage, hard work,...

10 Best Strength-Building Exercises for Older Adults

10 Best Strength-Building Exercises for Older Adults Building strength can be possible for all ages depending on the exercises you do. Here are the best strength-building exercises for older adults. After the age of 30, all of us will go through sarcopenia, or the natural process of losing muscle mass. With each decade...
buying supplements online

10 Safety Tips for Buying Supplements Online for Beginners

10 Safety Tips for Buying Supplements Online for Beginners Part of getting the right supplements is knowing where you get them from. Here are safety tips for those buying supplements online for the first time. About 77% of Americans consume dietary supplements. However, not all supplements are made equally! If you’re...
post cycle therapy supplement

Post Cycle Therapy (PCT) – Your Comprehensive Guide to Post Cycle Therapy

Many young men dream about having that ripped body that you see in a workout commercial. Yet, so many young men start a lifting and diet regimen that doesn’t seem to be giving them the body that they desire. If you find this to be the case for you, you may find that an anabolic steroid and post-cycle therapy plan are...
Floating Red Blood Cells Anemia Patient

Going Beyond an Iron Boost: How (& Why) to Treat Anemia with Supplements

While those who struggle with it often feel alone, the fact is that anemia is the most common blood disorder and affects more than 3 million Americans. Anemia can affect your life in significant ways; but the good news is that there are ways to manage the condition. However, treatment goes beyond adding iron to your diet. Here,...
Supplementor Got Vitamins w Supplements

Choosing The Right Supplements For Over 50s

In an ideal world, you would get all of your nutrients from eating fresh fruits, vegetables, and other whole foods. Despite trying to maintain a balanced eating plan, many older adults still struggle to stick to a healthy eating regime. In fact, studies show that over 90% of Americans are not getting enough micronutrients they need...
Supplementor Phenibut HCL Powder Nootropic

The Best Nootropics To Deal With Social Anxiety

One of the biggest ‘no deal’ situations for those with social anxiety is when it occurs at the same time as a low mood. A low mood not only prohibits the body’s natural ability to boost morale, it also tends to create a downward spiral too. Social anxiety is also known as social phobia and according to studies, affects around 15...
Diet Supplements Facts vs Fiction

How Do Weight Loss Supplements Work & Are They Safe?

We all know that the healthiest way to encourage sustainable weight loss is by making a few changes to your lifestyle: eating a healthy diet, exercising daily, and drinking more water. However, many of us find ourselves in search of a bit of extra help, in the form of fat-burning pills. With over 45% of overweight Americans trying...
Anxiety Cloud

Which Supplements Are Best For Anxiety?

At some point, all of us experience stress. Whether it’s preparing for an exam or getting ready to go on stage to take part in a debate. There is also the seemingly fun stress of meeting new people or going out on a date. But not everyone responds to stress the same way. Around 40 million adults in the U.S. are affected...
vitamin injections

Vitamin Injections: An Easy Way to Supplement Essential Nutrients

According to research, over 90 percent of Americans do not meet the daily requirement for one or more vital nutrients.  Vitamin B12 is one of the common deficiencies, with analysis indicating that up to 39 percent of individuals might be at risk of deficiency in the US.  One of the common ways to boost B12 levels is to get...
nootropic cognitive enhancers

Cognitive Enhancers 101: All You Need to Know About Nootropics

What if there were a pill that could make you smarter? It sounds like something out of The Jetsons, but it could be closer than you think. Researchers are learning more about an exciting field of medicine centered on substances known as nootropics. Also called cognitive enhancers or “smart drugs”, these chemicals...
Supplementor Vitamin B12 Vial

Here’s What You Should Know About Vitamin B12 Shots vs Pills

According to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention, many people are deficient in at least one vitamin if not more. Are you getting enough vitamin B12? Most people don’t realize that B12 isn’t the easiest vitamin to come by. In fact, your body doesn’t produce B12 so the only way to get it is from external...
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