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post cycle therapy guide

A Post Cycle Therapy Guide for Beginners: Everything to Know

If you’re sick of the up and down cycle of fitness gains and losses, there’s hope. You can retain your results with post cycle therapy (PCT). Researchers discovered injectable testosterone in the early 1900s. Since then, it’s transformed bodybuilding radically. Eventually, injectable testosterone paved the way for modern weight...
common gym injuries

12 Common Gym Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Exercising and lifting weights can be incredibly beneficial to your physical and mental health. Regular exercise can lead to fat loss, increased metabolism, greater bone density, and a longer, more enjoyable life. Mentally, regular exercise can increase your cognitive ability and memory, while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.  However,...
outdoor exercises

8 Best Outdoor Exercises that Help Build Muscle

Strength training is essential for a powerful and healthy body. Unfortunately, six in 10 Americans do not partake in muscle-building exercises. Increasing your muscle mass improves bone density to reduce your risk of osteoarthritis and fractures. It enables your joints to stay flexible and prevents weight gain. If you’re...
supplements for injury recovery

How Athletes Can Use Supplements for Injury Recovery

Unintentional injuries account for 39.5 million physician office visits every year. Another 29.4 million incidents result in emergency department visits. As an athlete, you know how serious a minor injury can become. An injury could impact your mobility and quality of life. You might have to take some time between workouts or...
workout schedule

10 Tips for Creating an Effective Workout Schedule for Beginners

The vast majority of Americans are unhealthy. While we understand how big of a blanket statement that is, over 70% of the population is overweight or obese. The majority of people in this statistic find themselves in the obese category. This health epidemic is no laughing matter. Obesity leads to other health complications such...
how weight training changes the brain

Think & Lift: How Weight Training Changes The Brain

Have you ever noticed how good you felt after a workout? Sure, you may feel tired at first, but afterward, you feel your mood improve and the ability to focus sharpen. Health experts have said for years that exercise promotes brain health. For a long time, people believed only aerobic exercise, like running and cycling, could offer...
core strength

13 Best Exercises for Improving Core Strength

It’s no secret the United States faces a health epidemic that threatens to kill one American every 37 seconds. Heart disease is a very serious issue in our country. However, there are simple ways to combat heart disease and other health risks. Aside from eating healthier foods, we can also look at improving our core strength...
best mass building exercises

Mass Making: 9 of the Best Mass Building Exercises to Get You Huge

People get into weight lifting for many different reasons. Some want to get toned or lose weight while others are looking to increase functional strength to improve their quality of life. But if you’re reading this article, you’re lifting weights for an entirely different reason. You want to use weight lifting...
Laxogenin Powder by Supplementor

Laxogenin: The Plant-Based Secret for Gaining Lean Mass

One of the most exciting steroidal compounds undergoing research and development is 5-alpha-hydroxy laxogenin (ie. laxogenin), a plant-based anabolic compound with tantalizing possibilities specifically for lean mass gains. Laxogenin is derived from plant steroidal saponins, which are natural molecules which show a wide range of...
reps and sets

9 Tips for Choosing the Right Reps and Sets for Your Goals

Are you just getting started on a new workout routine and have asked yourself what the difference is in a rep or a set? Are you unsure if whether you should do as many reps as possible until you’re exhausted, or focus on a “less is more” approach? “Reps” stands for repetition, and it’s the...
supplements for muscle growth

7 Supplements for Muscle Growth to Increase Your Size

“Have you been hitting the gym?” your friends will say to you.  Hearing this will give you a nice confidence boost. However, hitting the gym is not going to be enough to gain lean muscle and look your best.  According to a study conducted by Carlos Monteiro of the University of Sao Paolo, close to 60...
lifting heavy weights

8 Ways Lifting Heavy Weights Can Transform Your Life

Beginning a fitness journey can be a gamechanger for anyone. Too many people, though, are under the mistaken impression that cardio is all you need for a healthy lifestyle and a fit body.  It’s a common sight: people slaving away on cardio machines, never once even looking at the dumbells or squat rack. What gives?  Lifting...
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