A Post Cycle Therapy Guide for Beginners: Everything to Know

post cycle therapy guide

If you’re sick of the up and down cycle of fitness gains and losses, there’s hope. You can retain your results with post cycle therapy (PCT). Researchers discovered injectable testosterone in the early 1900s. Since then, it’s transformed bodybuilding radically. Eventually, injectable testosterone paved the way for modern weight supplement derivatives. Today, devoted bodybuilders have learned about post cycle therapy with a post cycle therapy guide.

It’s essential for maintaining their hard-won gains. PCT isn’t as complicated as it sounds. It’s a way of restarting your body’s natural hormone system, enabling you to retain the benefits of your hard work.

For an informative post cycle therapy guide, read on.

Enhancing Your Physique

There are several general supplements that can enhance your routine or athletic performance. For example, manufacturers create bars, capsules, liquids, powders and tablets, all designed to help improve performance.

These supplements contain various ingredients. Most often, you’ll find ingredients such as amino acids, caffeine, creatine and protein in sports nutrition supplements. Manufacturers market these goods to individuals who want to improve their strength, endurance or efficiency during physical activity.

The supplement industry is a multibillion-dollar business. A considerable segment of athletes who participate in world-class events use one or more dietary supplements.

In general, supplement use increases with age. Starting at adolescence, athletes increase their intake of caffeine, creatine and protein as time passes.

Although a larger segment of men participates in sports compared to women, more women use nutritional supplements compared to their male counterparts. Men are more likely to take performance-enhancing dietary supplements.

Women, however, drink more energy drinks and shots compared to male athletes. Also, women tend to consume more iron compared to men, while men consume more creatine, proteins and vitamin D compared to women.

Eating for Fitness in America

In the United States, dietary supplement intake is more prominent among athletes. Furthermore, professional athletes use more nutritional supplements compared to amateur athletes.

Both male and female athletes must eat right and stay hydrated for peak performance. For instance, US public health agencies publish Dietary Guidelines for Americans and MyPlate for all citizens.

However, athletes require additional calories, carbs and fluids. When performing activities and intense environments or for long periods, electrolytes are also important for athletes.

Dietary supplements can enhance performance. However, they’ll only work as desired with consumed in conjunction with a solid diet.

Even with a good diet, results vary for athletes. For example, the activity, duration, intensity and nature of various physical activities also determine whether athletes achieve desired training outcomes.

Supplements and Bodybuilding

For athletes, it’s important to consume only quality supplements. However, the FDA does not oversee the supplement industry with as much intensity as a pharmaceutical field. Accordingly, many manufacturers sell products that don’t work to unsuspecting athletes.

Unfortunately, this circumstance has caused some people to believe that supplements are a marketing gimmick. However, they’re misinformed.

In the last 10 years, a few manufacturers have emerged as producers of authentic nutritional supplements. Also, dietary supplements affect everyone differently. Therefore, the experience that one person has with a nutritional supplement doesn’t necessarily indicate how well it will work for someone else

There’s a bona fide benefit in consuming nutritional supplements. Most people don’t consume the variety of food required to fulfill all their nutritional requirements. Dieting exacerbates this problem.

For example, omega-3 and omega-6 are essential fatty acids for athletic performance. However, some athletes may eliminate these fats because of their diet. They do not eat enough of these nutrients to meet their desired fitness goals.

Essential fatty acids are present in foods such as herring, mackerel and sardines. Unless someone consumes several servings of this type of fish every week, they’re most likely deficient in omega-3 fats.

Furthermore, the human body doesn’t convert linolenic acid (LNA) into fatty acids effectively. Women’s bodies’, however, are better at this job compared to men’s.

Unless you consume a significant amount of fatty fish, you most likely need a nutritional supplement. Sports supplements give you important nutrients that your diet doesn’t provide.

Top Bodybuilding Supplements

Supplements enable you to consume nutrients beyond what your body produces. However, they also enhance stamina, physical performance and recovery.

Sports supplements can improve your workouts and muscle-building activities. They can also help you lose extra fat.

In the beginning, manufacturers created crude sports supplements. However, today’s offerings are advanced. Supplements have changed a lot since the days were milk and eggs were the stuff of cutting-edge sports nutrition.

Now, there’s a mind-numbing number of nutritional supplements available. Some work well.
Others, however, do not.

It doesn’t matter if you intend to use them in the gym or on the track or field. It’s important to know your way around nutritional supplements.

It’s helpful to understand the basic categories of nutritional supplements and how they work.
For example, if you have trouble gaining weight, you may want a weight gain powder as opposed to protein powder or meal replacements. There are a few classes of drugs that can enhance your performance, including:

• Antioxidants – such as flavonoids, minerals and vitamins
• Chondroitin and glucosamine – to minimize pain and soreness
• Creatine – for intense activity
• Fiber – to reduce inflammation and reduce blood lipids and pressure
• Green tea – to aid with fat loss
• Multimineral supplements – for vitamin intake with enzyme activation
• Omega-3 fatty acids
• Protein supplements – to promote nitrogen balance

There are more nutritional supplements on the market. However, these are the ones used the most by athletes and bodybuilders.

Nevertheless, a proper diet is the first step toward making gains. You can’t replace a healthy diet with supplements.

As their name implies, they’re supplemental to food. Supplements help you to ensure the intake of the necessary amount of nutrients needed to meet your bodybuilding or athletic goals.

Post Cycle Therapy Guide

Today’s version of sports nutrition comes from a background riddled with the use of anabolic steroids. Researchers discovered anabolic steroids in the early 1900s. Fifty years later, professional athletes started to abuse them.

In the 80s, weight lifters started taking testosterone. Shortly after, steroid use for bodybuilding caught on with amateur athletes – in a big way. Starting in the 90s, the government reclassified steroids, making them

Then, there was limited access to information. It was easy for athletes to make the mistake of overlooking PCT as they learned about fitness.

However, nearly a century later, athletes continue to make the same mistakes. Even with illegal steroids, muscle loss was a problem at the end of a steroid cycle. With today’s legal nutritional supplements, beginning bodybuilders and athletes continue to overlook post cycle therapy.

During a workout cycle, there’s a sharp increase in substances such as testosterone and DHT. The sudden surge of these compounds alters the body’s hormonal balance.

The body tries to adjust by cutting off the flow of natural testosterone. During a cycle, this isn’t a problem.

Athletes and bodybuilders still receive needed testosterone from supplements. However, the body doesn’t start making testosterone again as soon as the cycle ends.

Resultantly, uninformed bodybuilders and athletes often suffer from a hormonal crash. What the body does start producing almost immediately is estrogen. As estrogen flows back into the body, it cannibalizes muscle gains.

Types of Cycles for Bodybuilding and Fitness

There are four types of cycles – training units, microcycles, mesocycles and macrocycles. Each cycle lasts for different periods:

• Training unit (one day)
• Microcycle (one week)
• Mesocycle (Two to four months)
• Macrocycle (One to four years)

Post cycle treatment enables athletes and bodybuilders to recover after a cycle. The post cycle is a transitional period when the body returns to its natural state. As it does, it starts normal hormone production once again – although slowly.

PCT is important to the bodybuilding process. It helps athletes stay healthy and hold onto their gains.

Because of its association with illegal steroid use, some people think that post cycle treatment is a bad thing. However, it’s necessary to retain newly established muscle mass.

PCT is also important for your mental health. As your body returns to its natural state, the process can wreak havoc on your emotions. Post cycle treatment can help you to level out without experiencing “Roid Rage.”

Post Cycle Therapy for the Win: The Benefits of PCT

When you’re in a cycle, you’re taking supplements that will boost your hormone levels artificially. When you do this, your body will shut down hormone production.

It takes time for your body to realize that you stopped consuming supplements. In time, your body will notice that it’s missing something.

However, that can take weeks – or even months. As your body slowly recovers, your muscle mass will disappear if you don’t follow through with post cycle treatment.

It’s All About the Gains

Now that you read the post cycle therapy guide, you understand that consuming the right nutrients at the right time is a vital part of athletic training and bodybuilding. With sports supplements, you can acquire those nutrients quickly.

Using PCT supplements can help you realize a significant improvement in recovery and muscle growth. They’ll give you the boost that you need to go hard and feel great.

You can trust Supplementor for the top post cycle therapy supplements on the market. Contact us today to find out more info about PCT supplements. Our friendly experts are standing by and ready to help you get bigger, faster and stronger.

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