Safe Exercise During COVID: What to Do and Where to Do It

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The pandemic has forced people to reconsider the ways they do everything from grocery shopping to going to work. It’s even affected the way that people go about getting their daily exercise. But, even during quarantine, there are ways to perform safe exercise routines without putting yourself or others at risk.

We know that you’re eager to get back in the gym, and with the help of our guide, you’re going to be able to do that.

Not only are we going to provide you with the locations that you should exercise while keeping a safe distance, but we’re also going to provide some workout ideas for you to try. Don’t spend anymore valuable time wishing that the local gym is open, get up and get active now and find a location to get your workout on.


If you’re not exactly lighting up at the idea of going to work out in the gym because of how close it puts you to others working out, then your next option is to work out in the park. It’s an open space where you can ensure you’re keeping your distance from others that are also in the area.

Besides with the amount of time that a lot of us have spent inside lately we’re sure that you’re going to enjoy getting some fresh air. Take all of the equipment you’re going to need to perform a simple workout, including a mat if you don’t want to lay down directly on the ground.


Another great area to workout is in the comfort of your own home. You’d be surprised how many things in your home can be turned into workout equipment and provide the resistance and wait that you’ve been looking for.

And when you’re working out at home, you don’t have to worry about being around anyone else expect the people that you live with. Talk about social distancing at it’s finest. Take some time to clear a little bit of space around your home to workout or take the workout into the backyard if you want to take things to the next level.


We know you might not have been expecting to see this on the list, but recently gyms across the world are beginning to slowly open their doors to faithful gymgoers. You should know that many of these gyms have taken precautions to ensure that you and other people working out remain safe at all times.

From implementing social distance guidelines to enhance machine sterilization, gyms are doing their part. If you are going to go to the gym, it’s required in most that you wear a mask. If you feel like your sick or are exhibiting any symptoms of the virus or other sicknesses, you should refrain from visiting the gym.

You could take gloves, and your own towel as another means of precaution to ensure the equipment you touch is wiped down and clean. Now that you know the places where you can work out let’s get into some of the workouts you can do while in quarantine.

Body Weight Workout

This type of workout is ideal when you don’t have the same kind of equipment that you would find in the gym, and you’re not looking to purchase any. Bodyweight workouts rely on your body weight to provide the resistance that you need when completing the workout.

When completing these workouts, you’re going to want to incorporate things like pushups, squats, and more into the workout. Even though you’re only using your body weight, one way to up the intensity level of the workout is to increase the number of reps that you perform.

Lower sets and higher reps will help you achieve the lean look you’re going for.

Improvised Cardio

You may not have a treadmill at your disposal, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t do cardio from your home’s comfort. If you don’t mind running, you could always go for a run throughout your neighborhood.

If you’re looking to stay away from others who may have had the same idea that you did, then you’re going to want to stay close to home. If you’ve got stairs their the perfect equipment to use for cardio.

You can use them to run up and down the stairs or perform a series of toe taps at the bottom of the staircase. Set a time that you’re going to run or perform the taps and get going. You’re trying to increase your heart rate to enter the calorie-burning zone.


Again because we’re all stuck inside more than we’re used to right now, it can be causing some of us to go crazy looking at the same walls inside our home day in and day out. One way to combat the mental and physical stresses of being at home is to use yoga.

Yoga doesn’t call for a ton of equipment other than a yoga mat for you to lay on, and it’s quite soothing. Don’t get it twisted yoga can be relaxing, but it’s also going to push your body in ways that you’ve never felt before.

You’re going to find that the more you do yoga, the more flexible you’ll become, and the stronger you’ll feel at the end of every practice. There are tons of yoga practices that you can find on the internet that are made for everyone, from beginners to masters of yoga.


This stands for high-intensity interval training, and it focuses on circuit training that gets your heart rate up without forcing you to workout for an extended period. While the workout won’t last long, that doesn’t mean that you’re not going to be tired.

The way that this type of workout works is you are going to perform a combination of anaerobic exercises in 30-second intervals. Once you’ve completed the 30 seconds, you’ll typically have a 10-15 second rest period, and then you’ll begin the next exercise.

Once you’ve completed each of the exercises featured in the workout, you’ll perform the entire circuit either 1 or 2 more times. If you’re trying to reach the maximum level of high-intensity training, you’ll want to continue with the circuit until you can’t do it anymore.

At that point, it becomes a burnout workout routine.


No stretching is not an exercise, but it’s an essential part of working out. When you’re warming up, it’s to prepare your body for the workout that you’re about to take on.

And when you’ve finished working out, you need to focus on cooling down your body. Stretching helps your muscles to remain flexible and can reduce the likelihood of you becoming injured during your workout.

If you’re healing from an injury, stretching daily can heal your muscles and get back to working out sooner rather than later.

Banded Workouts

Banded workouts are popular because you don’t need a lot of equipment except the bands. And it’s an easy way to take a simple routine and increase the level of difficulty.

When you’re using bands to perform things like squats, you’re going to focus on keeping your knees pressed outwards to keep the band tight each time you squat. Or you can use the band to perform leg lifts.

When you’re doing this, you’re going to hold one side of the band and put the other side on the bottom of your foot. After you’ve secured the band, you will lower your leg and return it to the starting position until you’ve finished all of the reps for that set. We’ve given you some workouts now what can you use as equipment when you have none.

Water Bottles

Water bottles are an excellent replacement for barbells. They come in a variety of sizes, just like weights do, and you can add water to the bottle to increase the amount of weight that you’re holding.

This may seem like a joke, but once you reach the third set of your workout, you will begin to feel the burn.


If you want to perform an exercise that requires sliders, but you don’t have sliders, the next best thing to use is a towel. You’re going to want to use the towel on a floor that makes it easy to slide on, such as hardwood or tile.

Then all you’ve got to do is place the towel under your hands or feet and perform the exercise.


If you’re looking to increase your weight while remaining balanced, use a backpack. You can load the backpack with things like books or water bottles to increase the weight and then wear the backpack as you’re completing your workouts.

Safe Exercise During COVID-19

When you’re looking for ways to perform safe exercise routines during the pandemic, everything above will help you accomplish that. From where to workout to ways to workout, everything you were looking for is right here in one place to help you work out safely.

A part of safe exercise also means taking supplements to help you remain healthy. If you’re looking for supplements to use in addition to your workouts shop Supplementor. And if there are any questions you need to be answered, don’t hesitate to reach out to them.

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