Fitness: The Ultimate Tips For Gaining Muscle Fast

Tips For Gaining Muscle

Are you tired of spending hours at the gym every week and feeling like you’re not getting the results you deserve?

Although reaching your fitness goals takes dedication and time, there are healthy ways you can speed up the bulking process.

Do you want to learn how you can make the most out of all your efforts both in and out of the gym? Keep reading to learn the top tips for gaining muscle that are guaranteed to get you impressive results.

1. Lift Until You’re Tired

One of the most common mistakes people make as they’re going through their strength building workout is sticking with a strict number of sets and reps. While creating a schedule can help you stay focused and train all of your muscle groups, it can also slow down your progress. If you really want to challenge your muscles, you’ll need to keep lifting until you reach the point of exhausting your muscles.

As you engage a muscle, your body starts building up lactic acid. Once you generate enough lactic acid, you’ll experience a moment of fatigue where you can’t lift anymore. Stopping at this point and giving yourself a minute to recover before starting a new set will take your workouts to the next level.

2. Try New Workouts to Avoid Muscle Memory

Whether you’re following a bodybuilding workout routine or creating your own fitness routine, you’ll want to keep things fresh to keep challenging your muscles. If you continue doing the same exercises over and over, your body will get used to the movements, which means your muscles won’t have to work as hard to accomplish the lift.

While you don’t have to do new activities every time you exercise, you should aim to switch things up every 3 to 4 weeks. Not only will a change of pace engage your muscles more, but you can also avoid ruts where you feel bored and unmotivated.

3. Practice Good Form

Some people prioritize weight over form because they want to look and feel strong. If you don’t take the time to learn how to follow the correct form of each exercise, you run the risk of engaging the wrong muscles and even injuring yourself.

Lifting light might seem counterintuitive at first, but it’ll help you master every new workout. Once you feel confident, you can keep increasing the weights until you find the happy medium between challenging yourself and not compromising your technique.

4. Keep Accurate Logs of Your Exercises

The key to building muscle fast is to increase the amount of weight you can lift as quickly as possible. The most efficient and safest way you can accomplish this is to keep an accurate log of all the exercises you do during each workout.

Once you know how many reps and sets you do and how much weight you’re lifting, you can make small adjustments to make future workouts harder. If you don’t feel strong enough to increase your weight just yet, keep trying to increase your amount of reps.

5. Lift Slowly to Increase the Intensity

Some people love working out, but it’s okay if you’re the type of person who dreads going to the gym. Setting goals to improve your health and self-confidence and persevering through your discomfort is definitely something to be proud of because you’re facing more hurdles than people who enjoy physical activity.

The most important thing to remember is that no matter how much you don’t want to be at the gym, you should never rush through your workouts. If you want to get impressive results fast, lifting and releasing slowly will help you feel the burn. Maximizing every motion is the best way to build more muscle fibers.

6. Limit Cardio Until You Build Enough Muscle

Cardio is necessary for maintaining a trim figure and keeping your heart healthy. However, cardio can also sabotage your muscle growth if you do too much of it.

In an average body, 1 gram of glycogen stored in the muscle fibers can hold up to 4 grams of water. Once you start building up a sweat, your body will burn through your glycogen reserves and reduce the amount of water that’s inside of your muscles. Not only is water vital for repairing torn muscle fibers and building stronger ones, but staying hydrated can also help your muscles look fuller.

Although everyone should aim to do at least 15 minutes of cardio every day to maintain optimum health, it’s okay to limit those activities until you feel better about your results.

7. Take Rest Days

It sounds unproductive to take rest days when your goal is to build muscle fast, but your body will thank you for giving it extra time to heal. One day off per week can be enough to help you recover, but two might work better for you.

If you want to limit the amount of rest days you have, you also have the option to train different muscles groups each day so that no body part gets overworked. On days that you take a total break, you can feel free to do gentle physical activities like yoga that can further boost your recovery time by increasing your mobility and limiting soreness.

8. Make Sleep a Priority

Sleep is the time where our bodies have the chance to focus on maintenance tasks that can help us wake up feeling refreshed. Sleep is essential for building muscle fast because your muscle fibers can repair themselves and add mass. You won’t be able to see dramatic changes overnight, but maintaining a healthy sleep schedule will work wonders for your energy and appearance.

The average adult should aim to get at least 8 hours of sleep every night, but working out often might increase your needs. If you have a schedule that prevents you from getting an uninterrupted period of sleep, don’t be afraid to take more naps to compensate.

9. Eat Protein Immediately After Every Workout

After we work out and our muscle fibers are torn, our bodies are primed to soak up more nutrients to aid in repairs. This means that eating protein within half an hour of working out will ensure your muscles can absorb the nutrients they need to grow.

If your gym is far away from your home, there are plenty of convenient high-protein snacks that travel well. Protein shakes, jerky, yogurt, nut butter and fruit, and hummus and veggie sticks are just a few of the many tasty options you have.

10. Don’t Forget Your Carbs

Most people know how important protein is for building muscles, but not as many understand why carbs are just as important. When we eat carbs, our bodies break them down into energy reserves. This means that every time you work out, you’re able to power through because of all the carbs you’ve eaten in the past.

If you need a quick boost before a workout, fruits are excellent simple carbs that can be converted into energy in as little as 15 minutes. Complex carbs like oats, brown rice, and whole wheat bread are also valuable foods because they provide a source of slow-burning energy.

11. Use a Calorie Counting App to Meet Your Unique Dietary Needs

Even if you can lift a ton of weight, your body won’t ever be able to create new muscle mass unless you’re eating more calories than you burn each day. This is why using calorie tracking tools like MyFitnessPal can benefit you in many ways.

Logging everything you eat is a guaranteed way to ensure you avoid calorie deficits that sabotage muscle gains. Another interesting perk is that you can also see the breakdown of all your micro- and macronutrients. This means you can monitor your intake of protein and also see if you’re missing out on any vitamins and minerals you need to stay vibrant. After you use this tool for a while, you’ll be more educated on food so you can learn how to eat intuitively without needing to log everything.

12. Speed Up Your Progress by Taking Supplements

Although supplements aren’t necessary, they can help turn your body into a muscle-building machine. Since there are tons of supplements available online, it’s crucial to take your time researching which supplements are right for you. You might be tempted to score a great deal, but make sure the products you buy contain the best ingredients that will boost your health instead of threaten it. 

You’ll Be Amazed by Your Progress Once You Follow These Tips for Gaining Muscle

If you follow these tips for gaining muscle, you can get your dream body in no time.

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