7 Workout Plans To Empower Women

best workout plans for women

In today’s competitive world, you’ll do whatever it takes to stay ahead of the game. Part of that means you prioritize your personal health and wellness as a woman. In particular, you’re wanting to know more exercises you can do to improve that health

Well, you’ve come to the right article. You can read all about seven of the best workout plans for women as listed below. Don’t cut corners when it comes to making the most of your overall quality of life with proper health habits. 

It’s no secret that getting enough exercise is an essential part of any healthy lifestyle. As a woman, though, getting enough physical activity can boost your overall self-esteem and empower you. Plus, there are scientific benefits of exercise for your body’s functions. 

Keep reading to ensure your workouts are the best ones for you. Your health – and your future – deserve your investment. 

1. Cardio Is of Particular Importance for Women

Perhaps the first kind of workout you want to think about as a woman is that of a cardio-based one. This can take a variety of forms, depending on your body’s needs and abilities.

For instance, you can start a regular jogging routine. This can be great for women who love to exercise outside. When the weather gets too cold, you can head inside and run on the treadmill. 

Running, though, can be hard on your joints. That’s why many people prefer to bicycle for exercise. 

Take the time to think about what kind of cardio activity would suit your exercise program. Getting enough cardio as a woman, after all, can go a long way in helping her maintain a healthy weight. 

Here’s one significant fact reported by the United States Department of Health and Human Services. It asserts that, on average, the prevalence of obesity is around 40% higher among women than men. Cut down on your possibility of being part of that percentage by getting enough cardio exercise in. 

2. Yoga on a Regular Basis Can Strengthen Your Core

You might have thought about getting a subscription for yoga classes. Well, this can be a great idea if you want a well-rounded workout routine. Plus, going to yoga classes is a great way to connect with other like-minded women in your local community. 

Do some research about available yoga studios near your geographic locations. Some yoga studios offer a variety of yoga classes that could interest.

For instance, some yoga studios have “hot yoga.” You should be prepared to sweat a lot if you take this class. It’s a great way to burn a little bit of extra energy while working on your yoga poses. 

Mastering yoga requires a lot of balance and concentration when it comes to sticking those poses. Beginners can expect to feel sore all over their bodies after an introductory class. This is going to be a great workout for you if you want to be able to center yourself and get an ab workout at the same time. 

3. Squats and Lunges Are Great for Your Legs

Many women forget about muscle-building when it comes to their exercise routines. They’d rather focus on cardio for weight loss or yoga for flexibility. Lifting weights at your local gym, though, can be great to keep your body lean and your metabolism high. 

In particular, take care to exercise your leg muscles on a consistent basis. They carry us throughout our days, after all. 

Doing consistent squats and lunges will help your legs get toned in no time. Plus, these muscle-focused exercises are a great way to burn fat and keep you energized. 

4. Grab Some Weights to Strengthen Your Arms

Speaking of muscle-building, don’t underestimate the importance of an upper-body workout. As a woman, we often hold most of our power and strength in the lower half of our bodies.

That can make lifting weights to strengthen your arms crucial. Alternate between muscle groups as you focus on those arms. Exercise your shoulders one day and your biceps and triceps another, for example. 

5. Swimming Is Both a Cardio and a Muscle-Building Exercise

As mentioned above, women should prioritize participating in enough cardio-based exercise on a consistent schedule. At the same time, it’s worthwhile to find a cardio-intensive activity that is both all-encompassing and enjoyable. That’s why many women choose swimming as their exercise of choice. 

The truth is, 23% of American adults don’t get enough physical exercise in their daily lives. If you enjoy swimming enough to stay motivated about hitting the pool, it’s a worthy endeavor. 

Plus, there are a variety of official strokes than you can master as you swim laps up and down the pool. These different strokes can emphasize different muscle groups. Swimming makes a great well-rounded hobby for anyone looking to prioritize getting in shape and having fun at the same time. 

6. Consider Group-Based Exercises to Connect with Others

Maybe swimming in a pool to get your exercise doesn’t sound appealing to you. In fact, you’d rather participate in an exercise routine that keeps you surrounded by other people. That can be a great way to hold yourself and others accountable when it comes to fitness goals, too. 

Well, consider signing up for one of the local recreational sports leagues in your local area. These team-based exercises are the perfect combination of exercise and healthy competition. Winning against a potential opponent is a great motivator to get you to practice your sport every day. 

You might even think about just getting a workout buddy for your regular exercise schedule. That way, you can have someone to chat with while you’re lifting weights or walking into the yoga studio. 

7. It’s a Good Idea to Stretch Well Before Working Out

The last kind of exercise to remember as a woman is that of a flexibility-based one. Stretching before any exercise can help you avoid a potential injury, for one thing. 

Plus, women need the flexibility to keep their joints strong and to help their digestive systems. This is of particular advantage for women who want to or have had children. Staying flexible can increase blood flow as well as your body’s ability to adapt to its daily stressors. 

Your Doctor Can Advise You Regarding the Best Workout Plans for Women

If you haven’t been working out at all recently but want to start, talk with your doctor about doing so. He or she will have a better knowledge base of your medical background. That way, you won’t undertake exercise programs that could result in an injury or something. 

In fact, talk with your doctor before implementing any new health-based habits. For instance, some people need supplements to maintain their body’s nutrition on a consistent basis. Your doctor will be the best resource to help you tailor a solution for regular supplements that is ideal for your body’s needs. 

Continue Investing in Your Personal Health and Wellness

Remember that your health and wellness doesn’t depend on exercise alone. You’ll need to maintain a balanced and nutritious diet, too. This is of particular importance if you have weight loss goals. 

For serious weight loss goals, you might want to check out this ultimate guide to fasting. Your doctor will be able to help you tailor a fasting schedule that makes sense for you. You don’t want to miss out on any valuable nutrition or energy.

Another thing to note as a woman who exercises on a regular basis is that of getting plenty of rest. You need to get enough sleep at night so your body can refresh and rejuvenate itself for the next work out. It’s recommended that every adult gets a consistent seven hours of sleep at night. 

At the end of the day, you deserve the peace of mind that comes from knowing you’re doing everything you can to help your body and mind thrive. Adding the above exercises to your routine will go a long way in helping you live a happy, energized life. 

Connect with Helpful Resources to Stay Motivated

At this point, you’re familiar with the best workout plans for women of the day. It’s a competitive world out there. You deserve the self-confidence that comes from investing in your physical fitness. 

Of course, there are still a lot of details to navigate concerning proper health habits for women. That’s why it can be in your best interest to talk with your doctor before implementing any new changes. Don’t ignore any advice they give you regarding them.

Plus, it’s wise to continue to keep yourself well-informed of the most popular health and wellness practices on the market. Consider our website, for example. We strive to encourage readers like you to follow healthy habits for long-term results. 

For that reason, we encourage you to browse through the rest of our blog today. You’ll find the latest and greatest trends in health, nutrition, and fitness. 

To start, check out the rest of our fitness article archives for even more motivation. Then, comment below this article about how these exercises empowered you as a modern woman. 

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