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A Beginner’s Guide to J-147: Everything You Need to Know

guide to J-147

In 2019, the Council for Responsible Nutrition found that 77% of Americans used dietary supplements. Among individuals aged 35-54, this number increased to 81%.

The popularity of supplements speaks to their benefits. However, enjoying these benefits requires choosing the supplements that best meet your needs. These decisions, in turn, require identifying your goals and researching your options. 

Simply put, you need to know what you’re looking for in a supplement. Then, you need to find a supplement that has proven effective in producing your desired results. 

J-147 is a highly effective supplement for individuals seeking cognitive benefits. This comprehensive guide to J-147 includes everything you need to know before adding this powerful compound to your health regimen. 

What Is J-147?

J-147 is an orally active polyphenol nootropic. Polyphenols are plant-based compounds that offer health benefits. Nootropics are substances that improve cognitive function.

J-147 is derived from curcumin, a product of the Curcuma longa plant. Curcumin is also a component of common spices, including turmeric, ginger, and curry.

J-147’s health benefits are many. However, the most significant of these benefits include enhanced neurological and cognitive function. Thus, J-147 is considered a neuroprotective and neurotrophic compound.

Neurotrophins are a small group of proteins that affect cell membrane receptors. They promote cell growth, adaptation, and survival. In these ways, they promote overall nervous system function. 

Although derived from curcumin, J-147 is more effective than curcumin. This is because curcumin struggles to cross the blood-brain barrier. In contrast, J-147 crosses easily into the brain where it promotes neural stem cell production.

Importantly, J-147 produces its benefits without posing significant risks. J-147 has low toxicity and a strong safety profile.

What Are the Benefits of J-147?

Studies with J-147 show a host of benefits. These include improving your memory and fighting aging. Still, understanding how J-147 works reveals additional ways the supplement contributes to your overall health.

J-147 May Improve Longevity

Living a long and healthy life means keeping your whole body healthy. However, the health of your body begins at a cellular level.

Throughout your life, your cells engage in a nearly infinite number of biochemical reactions. These reactions keep your body systems functioning and communicating effectively. At the same time, these reactions themselves require energy.

The mitochondria produce most of this energy in the form of ATP. They are the power plants that fuel your cells’ biochemical reactions

Improving longevity, thus, requires promoting mitochondrial function. J-147 promotes mitochondrial function by improving ATP levels. One study linked a 9.5-12.8% increase in fruit fly longevity to improved ATP levels after treatment with J-147.

Besides improving ATP levels, J-147 also enhances mitochondrial function by preventing oxidative stress. 

Oxidative stress refers to an imbalance between antioxidants and free radicals. A healthy body uses free radicals to fight off pathogens. However, too many free radicals can damage fatty tissue, proteins, and even your DNA. This damage, in turn, can contribute to serious diseases, like diabetes and Alzheimer’s disease (AD).

By preventing oxidative stress, J-147 can reduce the risk of these diseases.

These benefits make J-147 among the most popular and effective anti-aging supplements.

J-147 May Prevent, Halt, and Reverse Alzheimer’s Disease

Studies in mice and other animals show J-147’s ability to prevent, halt, and reverse cognitive declines associated with AD

J-147 works by reducing levels of Amyloid-Beta (Aβ) and β-Secretase (BACE) proteins. Aβ is the main component of the plaques that inhibit brain function in AD patients. Besides reducing Aβ levels, J-147 also improves the brain’s ability to metabolize it. 

Another factor that affects AD is the health of the blood-brain barrier (BBB) and the brain’s overall vascular system. The BBB regulates the movement of cells, ions, and molecules between the blood to the brain. BBB homeostasis enhances neuronal function. It also protects the brain against pathogens and toxins.

Animal models show J-147’s ability to enhance vascular function in the brain. They also reveal J-147’s ability to protect BBB homeostasis. 

AD patients further exhibit lower levels of docosahexaenoic acid (DHA). DHA is an omega-3 fatty acid that is associated with improved cognitive function. Studies have identified DHA as a potential prevention and treatment measure for AD. Studies also show that J-147 can significantly increase levels of DHA.

Finally, J-147 can help AD patients by increasing the presence of neurotransmitters. In a healthy brain, glutamate is the most abundant neurotransmitter. People with AD have lower levels of glutamate in their brains. J-147 can help AD patients by improving glutamate levels.

J-147 Can Improve Memory 

The benefits of J-147 extend beyond AD patients. In fact, J-147 can improve memory in AD brains and in healthy brains.

Moreover, these benefits even extend to older brains. Studies show that J-147 can reverse severe cognitive deficits in aged patients. In these studies, J-147 increased spatial memory. It also enhanced long-term potentiation (LTP). LTP refers to the strength of synapses that transmit signals between neurons.

J-147 Can Promote Brain Growth

The human brain grows most rapidly in the first years of life. In fact, 90% of brain development occurs before age 5. This makes neural health an important component of prenatal and pediatric health. Fortunately, J-147 protects the cortical neurons against neurotoxicity in vitro. 

Although brain growth is most significant during early childhood, a healthy brain continues to exhibit some growth throughout a person’s life. Improving cognitive function actually requires this growth.

The ability of the brain to grow and learn is called synaptic plasticity. Synaptic plasticity means that the brain’s synapses, or connections, can change based on new information.

Older brains and brains affected by AD struggle to maintain the expression of synaptophysin. Synaptophysin is an essential synaptic protein. Lower synaptophysin levels are associated with reduced brain plasticity. J-147 can increase synaptophysin levels. 

J-147 also promotes brain growth by increasing levels of Nerve Growth Factor (NGF). NGF is a neuropeptide necessary for neural maintenance, reproduction, and survival. It functions alongside Brain-Derived Neurotrophic Factor (BDNF) and other neuropeptides. J-147 increases both NGF and BDNF levels.

J-147 Protects Neurons

J-147 promotes neural growth. At the same time, it protects existing neurons from various threats. These threats can include glucose starvation and inflammation.

AD brains, in particular, exhibit an overactive inflammatory response. The pro-oxidant Heme Oxygenase 1 (HO-1) contributes to this inflammation. Other enzymes, like 5-Lipoxygenase (5-LOX), also play a role. J-147 inhibits 5-LOX. It also reduces levels of HO-1. In these ways, it protects the brain from inflammation.

Antioxidants serve as powerful weapons against inflammation. Glutathione is an important antioxidant. Unfortunately, its levels can decrease with stress and age. They can also decrease in response to environmental toxins and poor diet. J-147 fights glutathione depletion. Thus, it can reduce inflammation and protect neurons.

Another threat to neurons and overall brain health is glucose starvation. Like other essential body systems, the nervous system uses glucose as energy. When deprived of glucose, neurons show extensive degeneration. J-147 acts as a neuroprotective against glucose starvation.

J-147 May Help Manage Diabetes and Its Complications

On the one hand, J-147 protects neurons against glucose starvation. At the same time, though, J-147 actually decreases blood glucose levels. It also decreases HbA1c levels. HbA1c is a form of hemoglobin that spontaneously bonds to sugar molecules in the bloodstream. 

AMPK is an enzyme that promotes glucose uptake and insulin sensitivity. J-147 increases levels of AMPK. Thus, it may be helpful in managing diabetes.

By managing glucose levels, J-147 may also reduce the likelihood of diabetes-induced complications. For example, J-147 has proven effective in treating diabetic neuropathy. Diabetic neuropathy is a common and painful complication of diabetes. It refers to nerve damage that results from high glucose levels. 

In addition to reducing pain, J-147 can reduce sensitivity and motor nerve dysfunction associated with this condition.

J-147 May Relieve Anxiety

Studies show that J-147 reduced anxiety in mice during maze tests. These benefits extended to aged and AD model mice.

Incorporating J-147 Benefits into Your Health Regimen: Your Guide to J-147 Use

So you’ve decided to incorporate the benefits of J-147 into your health regimen. The next step is finding a reputable supplement shop.

Many consumers choose to buy nootropics online. Shopping for supplements online is convenient. It also allows you to compare prices and products. However, all online vendors are not created equal, and neither are their products. 

If you’re going to invest in a powerful nootropic like J-147, it’s important to choose a quality online supplier.

It’s also important to talk to a doctor or nutritionist before making changes to your supplements. He or she can help you choose the supplements that are most effective for your needs. A medical professional can also help you avoid interactions. Plus, he or she can make sure that you don’t take too much of a good thing.

Finally, a doctor or nutritionist can help you incorporate supplements, like J-147, into an overall healthy lifestyle. Like other supplements, J-147 produces the most benefits when combined with a healthy diet and exercise plan.

Supplements Build More than Your Body: J-147 Builds Your Brain

J-147 is a powerful nootropic that offers many cognitive benefits. It may also promote longevity, while reducing anxiety and pain. Equally valuable is J-147’s strong safety profile.

If you think you or someone you love might benefit from the benefits described in this guide to J-147, talk to your doctor. Then count on us to supply you with the highest-quality J-147.

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