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supplements for the mind

Best Supplements for the Mind

There’s no perfect way to reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your body, mind, or sense of spirituality, you’re faced with thousands of options to try and move forward. One current method of fine-tuning the mind is the use of supplements and vitamins. Many supplements for the...

Mental Health, Supplements, Vitamins

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best recovery

The Best Recovery Methods for Athletes

One of the most commonly overlooked factors when it comes to advancing as an athlete is rest and recovery. It doesn’t matter how much time and effort you are putting into your training; if you’re not setting aside ample time and creating an environment in which your body can repair and rebuild itself, then all your doing is walking...

Exercise, Lifestyle, Recovery

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diet culture

8 Ways Diet Culture is Harmful to Your Health

Do you know what the term “diet culture” is? If not, go to your Instagram or Twitter and search for the tag “diet.” You will see hundreds, thousands, of social media personalities and influencers promoting it. They spend their days posting their daily exercise routines, meal plans and giving advice to their followers on why they...

Health, Nutrition, Safety

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exercise therapy

Everything You Need to Know About Exercise Therapy

As of 2016, a staggering 50 million US adults suffered from some form of chronic pain, that’s about 20.4% of all US adults at the time. Chronic pain isn’t life-threatening, but it can make life very unpleasant and uncomfortable. Medication aside, one treatment option that has proven beneficial in mitigating chronic pain is exercise...

Exercise, Mental Health, Therapy

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intuitive eating

Intuitive Eating and How it Works

By age five, girls already start internalizing their dieting beliefs and behaviors based on what they see from their mothers. In another study, researchers determined emotional eating caused weight gain and obesity more often than lifestyle behaviors. With intuitive eating, you can recognize your own eating behaviors to develop...

Food, Health

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common gym injuries

12 Common Gym Injuries and How to Avoid Them

Exercising and lifting weights can be incredibly beneficial to your physical and mental health. Regular exercise can lead to fat loss, increased metabolism, greater bone density, and a longer, more enjoyable life. Mentally, regular exercise can increase your cognitive ability and memory, while reducing stress, anxiety, and depression.  However,...

Gym, Injuries, Safety

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