Everything You Need to Know About Using Bromantane for Brain Power & Libido


With biohacking becoming more popular every day, it’s critical to know which nootropics will benefit you, let alone fit into your “stack.”

Bromantane is a popular neurological enhancer for its positive effects on the brain and body. Who doesn’t want to boost their performance in the office (and the bedroom)?

Learn more about bromantane: its side effects, its benefits, and how it can change your life for the better.

What Is Bromantane?

Bromantane, also known as Ladasten, is a nootropic meant to enhance your brainpower in several ways. It does this in several ways and has been extensively studied for the last 10 years. Of course, as with any supplement, there are drawbacks if the incorrect dosage is used.

But what are the benefits of the bromantane experience? What can it do for your brain, body, and longevity?


Bromantane is part adaptogen and actoprotector. But what is an adaptogen? They are comprised of nontoxic plants that help the body resist stress. This is the anxiolytic component of bromantane.

It’s theorized that adaptogens affect our adrenal glands the way exercise does our muscles. Essentially, you’re training your adrenaline system to handle the effects of stress with bromantane as an acclimator.


According to a study from the National Center for Biotechnology Information, actoprotectors are “preparations that enhance body stability against physical loads without increasing oxygen consumption or heat production. Or, in short, actoprotectors are synthetic adaptogens with a significant capacity to improve physical performance.”

Bromantane’s ability to function as a psychostimulant comes from its actoprotector components. The benefits seen in libido, delayed physical fatigue, and heightened performance derive from this component, too.

The Bromantane Experience

Bromantane offers a boost to mental performance. It helps reduce fatigue on the brain and body, also boosting endurance. In certain studies, it has even been shown to increase longevity in subjects. One of its biggest benefits is that it is non-toxic and non-habit forming.

Bromantane uses a currently unknown mechanism of action to impact brain activity. It affects the hippocampus, hypothalamus nuclei, and the reticular nuclei. These are lower centers of the central nervous system.

The body breaks down bromantane through the adrenal glands. Afterward, your liver processes it out of your body. 


Bromantane is shown to positively affect mood and cognitive performance. It boosts serotonin levels in the brain, a neurotransmitter that boosts feelings of happiness. It also increases the release of dopamine, another “happy” neurochemical.


As a result of higher levels of happiness hormones, bromantane helps to reduce negative moods. It even shows the reduction of some psychosomatic causes of depression (e.g., inflammation of cells). Additionally, it has been shown to reduce levels of anxiety.

Overall mood increases are a natural side effect of better sleep and more exercise. Bromantane enhances these further, especially by limiting chemical interactions which lead to physical and mental fatigue (e.g., low motivation, self-esteem). Anyone with less stress is likely to experience a lighter mood.

Cognitive Performance

Aside from working as an overall mood elevator, the bromantane experience also improves cognitive ability. It’s shown to increase focus and vigilance, therefore increasing overall productivity. This naturally results in increased motivation, too.

More motivation means your brain can be pushed to new limits. Your memory will perform better after deeper sleep. More intensive exercise, from reduced fatigue, helps oxygenate your brain for better performance, too.


Primarily, bromantane is known to boost libido. It also enhances motor performance, increasing your movement and coordination. These are certainly a complement to a heightened libido.


With an increased sex drive, the bromantane also enhances the intensity of orgasm. It delays sexual exhaustion by reducing prolactin produced in the body. It has also shown to temporarily increase motility and decrease embryo loss, in male and female subjects, respectively.


The reduced sexual exhaustion comes from the increased ability to recover from exhaustion. Bromantane stimulates your brain to release chemicals that help reduce muscle fatigue. It also helps regulate high body temperature and low oxygenation, meaning that you can perform at your best under subpar conditions.

Quality of Life

Bromantane has also been shown to improve quality of life. Its reduction of anxiety is great for better sleep, longevity, and cell growth.


As for longevity, bromantane seems to stimulate the immune systems during stressful situations. Due to its ability to reduce anxiety, this helps your body increase the production of immune cells and resist toxins.

Higher immunity means quicker recovery. Your body should overcome fatigue from high temperatures and low oxygen (i.e., exercise) more quickly.


Often used to treat asthenia, bromantane reduces the associated symptoms of weakness and fatigue overall. It improves sleep quality, enhancing overall brain performance, and daily quality of life.

The higher quality of sleep from bromantane also puts your brain waves into a meditative state. You’ll see a drop in brain waves associated with stress and anxiety.

Clinical Research Supporting the Bromantane Experience

Of the existing studies on bromantane dosage and side effects, most are insubstantial. The little bit of information available online is anecdotal, meaning it is based on user experience. Due to variable inconsistencies in dosage and user demographics, there is not enough data present to prove any noted side effects as true. 

Below are side effects listed from the general anecdotal evidence available in humans. Included are also highlights of results from data conducted in studies using lab mice.

Often, the results of these clinical studies are not transferable to humans because experiments tested extreme bromantane dosage and its side effects. This does not accurately represent the average user of bromantane.

Bromantane Side Effects

The side effects of bromantane vary from person to person, especially depending on what else is in your nootropic stack. Typically side effects in humans are minimal. The only truly negative side effects (e.g., diarrhea, vomiting, insomnia) were in lab mice given a very high dose.

Of the side effects reported, anecdotally, people shared experiences of brain fog, fatigue, depression, and confusion. Again, because these are anecdotal, the validity of said side effects is limited.

It also depends on what people take it with and the dosage they take. More research is needed to confirm even these side effects and account for the variations in use and experience.

Bromantane Dosage

Due to the bromantane’s relative novelty as a supplement, there is no official dosing recommendation from the FDA. It has undergone clinical trials, but they are minimal at this time. If you want the benefits of the bromantane experience, talk to your doctor. 

If you are already into biohacking with stacked supplements, your doctor should be able to tell you what works best with bromantane. He or she should also be able to make a recommendation for a bromantane dosage based on your physiology.


Bromantane is proven to be effective, but just how effective is still a question. Many users report positive benefits in lieu of negative side effects, yet there is no knowing what works until you begin supplementing with it. Until more research is funded by pharmaceutical companies, the clinically recommended dosage will stay nonexistent.

How to Take Bromantane

If you have an aversion to taking pills, don’t worry. Bromantane comes in pill or powder form. You can mix it into shakes or other liquids as part of your regular routine. 

A regular bromantane dosage comes in 25 mg capsules. Supplementor offers the powders in varying amounts, with a scoop to measure out the correct dosage. It is recommended to start with the smallest dosage and add more until you understand how it affects you.

Women metabolize bromantane more quickly than men, so they may need a larger dose for effectiveness. It’s also recommended to avoid taking bromantane right before bed, as it may cause sleep disruption. Even though it is an anxiolytic, it is also a psychostimulant (which is not a good thing to take before bed). 

Where to Buy Bromantane

When purchasing bromantane, make sure to go to a trusted retailer. As there is no federal regulation yet, make sure the website or vendor you purchase from has a certificate of analysis from a qualified lab.

Supplementor openly advertises a certificate of analysis of their products. It indicates the validity of the chemical components, as well as its purity. Consider purchasing bromantane from Supplementor, as well as any other nootropics you may need in the future. For more information about supplements and biohacking, be sure to check out our other articles.

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