Supplementing Dopamine: An Honest Bromantane Review

bromantane review

If you are new to nootropics, it’s probably a good idea to take some time to research the supplements that you would like to try. One of the most interesting substances in the world of nootropics for depression is Bromantane. In essence, bromantane is a substance that has a very subtle and accumulative neuroprotective and psychostimulant effect. However, that’s not all it can do. In this bromantane review, we will cover everything you need to know about the substance.

So that you can decide if you would like to try it for yourself. Whenever you’re ready to discover the wonders of Russian pharmaceuticals, keep reading.

What Is Bromantane?

Also known as Ladasten, Bromantane is a pharmaceutical substance created in the 1980s in Russia. It has a wide range of effects but primarily focuses on stimulating and anxiolytic properties. Even though it’s commonly used in Russia, it does not have recognition for use across the world.

Bromantane is a derivative of adamantane, which is a polyhedral compound for organic fused rings in cyclohexane form. The structure of Bromantane consists of the same structure. However, it has a bind of nitrogen at R2, which then bonds to a phenyl ring at R4.

Bromantane is an atypical stimulant. It inhibits dopamine reuptake and inhibits serotonin reuptake as well.

It also has a direct effect on norepinephrine levels. The anxiolytic qualities come from Bromantane’s ability to improve GABAergic mediation.

It has also been found to have anticholinergic qualities. Both in antinicotinic and antimuscarinic functionalities at high doses. Let’s get into the actual bromantane review now.

Bromantane Dopamine Synthesis

Even though it’s often labeled as a psychostimulant, bromantane has very unique pharmacology. The effects are similar to phenethylamines and their analogs.

These effects act on dopamine transporters to induce dopamine release. Whereas, bromantane acts with indirect genomic methods for upregulation of tyrosine hydroxylase.

It also has aromatic L-amino acid decarboxylase expression. Both of which are very important in the pathway for dopamine biosynthesis.

For example, one dose of bromantane increases TH expression by 2 times in the hypothalamus of a rat within 2 hours of administration. Improvements in dopaminergic neurotransmission are noticed in the striatum, nucleus accumbens, hypothalamus, and ventral tegmental area. 

Thus, the key mechanism is the activation of de novo dopamine synthesis through gene expression modulation. In contrast, regular psychostimulants do not affect AAAD or TH expression. They do not affect the biosynthesis of dopamine.

Bromantane will not concede with typical psychostimulants through specific activity. In contrast, it will not have an addictive profile. It will not reveal exhausting activation of the sympaticoadrenergic system.

It will also not decelerate the recovery of work capability before preceding activity. Specifically in complicated environments (overfatigue, emotional stress, hypoxia). 

Bromantane does not have any hypoxic activity. The use of this substance is not associated with functional exhaustion and hyperstimulation of the body. Bromantane in therapeutic doses is recognized by practically 100% absence of side effects, including the presence of hyperstimulation or withdrawals.

Bromantane also has a very insignificant sympathomimetic effect. As result, bromantane has very few side effects and does not present withdrawal. It does not result in dependence either.

Bromantane for Brain Function

In various studies of Bromantane, it was able to improve vigilance, productivity, and motor skills. At the same time, it had drastically reduced anxiety. Through increases in serotonin and dopamine in the brain, bromantane can increase wakefulness and alertness.

In other studies, bromantane improves planning abilities, short-term memory, and attention. Even though bromantane enhances brain activity, at excessive doses, it inhibits acetylcholine.

Keep in mind that these studies primarily relate to animals (rats). Bromantane provided to female rats had a direct effect on their offspring.

The infant rats were able to learn faster. But physical development had negligible indifference.

Bigger intricate clinical trials are necessary to support the findings for bromantane to enhance brain function.

Bromantane for Physical Activity

In rats, bromantane increased noradrenaline and adrenaline. It kept both in the blood for extended periods of time, which improves physical activity. Usually, both are excreted through the body with urine.

With bromantane, the best outcomes in physical activity were from cardio exercises. Bromantane also helped blood flow to and from the heart. 

Bromantane for Inflammation

In mice studies, bromantane reduced inflammation caused by depression. This happens by decreases in inflammatory cytokines IL-4, IL-6, IL-17, TNF-alpha.

Besides this, the increases in blood flow during exercise helped the mice loosen and break down stubborn inflamed tissue.

Bromantane for Immunity

In rat studies, bromantane stimulated the immune system in a stressful environment. It also improved the resistance to toxic substances and agents. 

Bromantane increases B-cell immune labels. This results in adaptation to low-oxygen conditions. As well as high/cold environmental temperature, and fatigue recovery.

Bromantane for Sexual Activity

In mice studies, bromantane improved their sperm motility and sperm count. It also reduced embryo loss in the majority of female mice. 

Several days of bromantane treatment resulted in heightened sex drive in rats. However, the mechanism by which this happens most likely is caused by dopamine increases.

Bromantane for Neurasthenia

The only acceptable use of bromantane is neurasthenia. That’s a condition categorized by headaches, mental weariness, fatigue, and insomnia. In a study with 700 people with this condition, bromantane reduced their symptoms and enhanced their sleep.

It also enhanced their overall quality of life with practically no users experiencing side effects (3%). Bromantane also directly affected brain activity in neurasthenia patients

Individuals with high alpha waves saw a decrease in high-beta and an increase in low-beta waves. The opposite was true for individuals with low alpha waves.

In premise, this suggests that bromantane can increase your wakefulness and consciousness when drowsy. If you suffer from neurasthenia, consult with a doctor for possible treatment.

Bromantane Dosage Guidelines

The substance is not FDA-approved for any conditions at all. It has limited clinical trial testing. Thus, there are no official guidelines for dosing.

Supplement manufacturers and users have developed their own unofficial dosages. Primarily, stemming from trial and error.

According to anecdotal presumptions, a standard dose is anywhere from 50 to 100 mg per day. This is similar to the dosages used in clinical trials. Negative effects are reported after 3000 mg.

Bromantane has a long half-life and it can still be found in the blood after 2 weeks of single use.

Bromantane Review: The Risks

Because of the lack of research, the safety profile of bromantane is not quite understood. Are you worried about potential side effects? Consult with a doctor.

Bromantane, as far as reported side effects, does not have an addiction profile or withdrawal symptoms. In high doses, animals experienced diarrhea, vomiting, increased urination, and regurgitation.

Some users have reported fatigue and brain fog, but it’s very unlikely.

Bromantane Limitations

The animal study results are very promising. However, scientific evidence is not prevalent for the effect of the substance on humans. The few trials that do exist are in Russian or funded by a pharmaceutical company.

Additional studies are necessary to ensure that bromantane can be safely used for the purported effects on health.

Bromantane Legality

In the US, bromantane is not controlled. It is not approved for human use by the FDA. Because of this, many reputable vendors have to opt to sell the substance with a caveat. They are sold under the labels “not for human consumption”.

In Russia, bromantane is not available anymore as the brand Ladasten. It has been discontinued in 2017.

In Germany, bromantane is not controlled under the Narcotics Act. It falls under the category of medicine because it has a pharmacological effect. Bromantane is legal.

In Switzerland, bromantane is not controlled under any of Buchstabe tiers. It is legal.

For other country legality, contact your local drug enforcement website.

Safe & Trusted Bromantane for You

Now that you have gone through our bromantane review, you are that much closer to deciding if you would like to try it for yourself. In any case, there’s no rush, and the more research you do, the better.

Bromantane has wonderful benefits and very few side effects. But, it’s not for everyone, and the only way to find out is to try. If you’re interested in purchasing bromantane from a reputable and trusted nootropics store with qualified certificates of analysis, get in touch with us and we will happily accommodate your needs. 

Even if you have some questions left unanswered, don’t hesitate to send us a message. We are welcoming to all and we would love to help you out. 

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