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supplements for the mind

Best Supplements for the Mind

There’s no perfect way to reach your health and wellness goals. Whether you’re looking to improve your body, mind, or sense of spirituality, you’re faced with thousands of options to try and move forward. One current method of fine-tuning the mind is the use of supplements and vitamins. Many supplements for the...

Mental Health, Supplements, Vitamins

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taking vitamins

12 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Vitamins

12 Common Mistakes to Avoid When Taking Vitamins If used correctly, vitamins can be a reliable tool for getting into shape or solving health issues. Here are mistakes you should avoid when taking vitamins. Are you getting enough essential vitamins and minerals in your diet? Taking vitamins is vital to your health and survival,...


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Supplementor Phenibut HCL Powder Nootropic

The Best Nootropics To Deal With Social Anxiety

One of the biggest ‘no deal’ situations for those with social anxiety is when it occurs at the same time as a low mood. A low mood not only prohibits the body’s natural ability to boost morale, it also tends to create a downward spiral too. Social anxiety is also known as social phobia and according to studies, affects around 15...

Anxiety, Nootropics, Vitamins

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iv vitamin therapy

Should I Take My Vitamins In An IV Drip?

In a world bent on quick fixes, everyone wants to take the fast track toward healthier skin, a stronger immune system and that elusive hangover cure. Could IV vitamin therapy be the answer? It sure promises to achieve all of these feats and more, but can the ultra-popular therapy deliver on its claims that being stuck...

IV, Vitamins

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b12 shots

B12 Shots: How They Work and What They Do

In today’s busy world, it can be hard to find time to prioritize self-care. Still, you recognize the value of getting proper nutrition from your diet and exercising on a regular basis. That’s why you’re curious about whether you need B12 shots injections to boost your body’s levels of vitamin B12. Well,...

B12, Vitamins

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Supplement Bottles

Why Some People Need To Take Supplements

You might think that if you eat your fruits and veggies, get adequate sunlight exposure, plenty of sleep, and stay hydrated, your body probably does not need a supplemental source of vitamins and minerals. Well, let’s try to explain some of the many reasons where you might be wrong. Let us start with just 5 simple reasons...

Supplements, Vitamins

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